great news!

With a little work and patience, I now am able to use both my wind/percussion parts together using both sibelius/VDL2.  BTW, I am able now to use my wind parts with kontakt gold .  No problems (knock on wood) so far.

I just took an arrangement I am doing for Texas high school band and copied it to the template, saved it, and everything is working.

That's great to hear...glad you got it all worked out. 

- OT
Its working excellent.  I appreciate everybody's help.

I have one simple question................can I load more than 1 intrument at a time in the kontakt player.  It gives me 8 slots, but I would like to add more sounds.  Any ideas?


Yes, each slot can have a separate instrument loaded into it. Each instrument would be assigned to its own midi channel. So you can have up to 8 instruments in each instance of the VDL2 player. Just click on an open slot, click the ";load"; button to select a new sound, and voila!
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