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I'm using a Mac G4 Powerbookwith Finale 2007. I have a staff assigned as ";woodblocks"; and have loaded VDL2 ";Woodblocks All"; into the proper Kontakt bank. Sounds are great. Hoever, I want to edit the staff line associated with the sounds so the ledger lines to go up so high. I'm in the Staff Attributes and click on to select ";VDL2 Woodblocks All"; in my Percussion Map Selection - then ";edit";  - the ";Percussion Map Designer"; loads the ";Metal Combo"; noteheads rather than woodblocks";  What's up? I want to edit the woodblock note heads to get them on the staff.
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This one is easy, actually. In Staff Attributes, when you click the ";select"; button (by notation style), it brings up a window called [b]Percussion Map Selection[/b]. If the ";metal rack combo"; is highlighted here, simply highlight something else (like VDL2 Woodblocks All) by clicking [b]once[/b] with your mouse (so it's now highlighted), then clicking [b]Select[/b].

It sounds like you were actually choosing to [b]Edit[/b] the chosen percussion map (which at the time was ";metal rack";). This basically brings you to the map designer where you can select noteheads, line placement, etc for the desired percussion map. So unless you want to customize the various maps, there's no need to click the ";edit"; button.

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I need to edit the Percussion Map Selection because the notation of the 3 woodblocks covers 3 octaves - I would like to get it down to one octave (notated on 3 lines on the staff).

I highlight ";VDL2 Woodblocks All";, then edit, and the ";metal rack"; appears in the Percussion Map Designer. Is this a bug?
Hmm - I'm not sure. If you're using Finale 2007, the current version is 2007b, so it may be good to install their maintenance update if you haven't already.  Perhaps there is a little bug going on there...

Regarding the Woodblock percussion mapping, you may not need to edit it. In the Finale template, I think the ";Woodblocks All"; percussion map, should place the 3 different woodblocks on 3 different lines automatically.

Rather than clicking the ";edit"; button in the Percussion Map Selection window, just highlight the ";VDL2 Woodblocks All"; map, then click ";select."; If it's working properly, next time you go into this window (for your woodblocks staff), you should see that this map is the one selected.
I'm using Finale 2007c

Yes, the 3 woodblocks are on 3 separate lines. However, the highest pitch is notated as trble clef ";f"; on top of 3 ledger lines above the staff. The middle wb is notated a top line ";f"; and the lowest wb is notated as first space ";f";. Is there a way to get them notated closer together?
Ah...looks like [b]I'm[/b] the one with an out of date Finale. :) Sorry about the wrong info there.

Yes, the point of the Woodblocks All percussion map (in Finale) is to notate these sounds closer together on the staff so you don't see notes all over the place. Just set the ";Woodblocks All"; percussion map so it's assigned to your Woodblock staff. Then when you enter the various woodblock notes (via your midi keyboard), they'll appear on an appropriate staff line.
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Jim and James,

I checked the ";Woodblocks All"; map in FIN2K7. The sounds are mapped to use the middle three lines of a 5 line staff. I did discover a glitch in the mapping which did not have all of the notes/sounds selected for use. The fix is very easy.

Staff Attributes Tool and select your staff

Notation Style/Percussion and click Select

This brings you to the Percussion Map Selection box, scroll down to ";VDL2 Woodblocks ALL"; and click on EDIT.

It sounds like you have gotten this far already in trying to fix the mapping. The next 2 steps will correct the mapping problem.

Check the box ";View Only Named Notes";

Under ";Notes to Use For"; select ";All Named Notes";

This should fix the mapping issue.

Ted Boliske

I spoke a bit with James on the phone yesterday, and it seems there may be something happening where when you click the ";edit"; button in the percussion map selection window, wouldn't actually open the selected map. It would always default to editing the ";metal rack combo"; map. So i'm not sure if there's a glitch that cropped up in Finale 2007c, or if maybe something else was going wrong. Strange though...

I am also using 2K7c and am unable to reproduce the problem. Working from the template this morning, the changes I made to the Woodblock map were in affect as was the assignment of the woodblock map to 1 of the percussion staves. In any event, I'll continue to see if I can reproduce the problem.

Ted Boliske
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