"live Playback Velocities"


I'm working with Sibelius 4 and VDL2.  I'm trying to successfully have the playback perform a 4 beat hairpin crecendo with an accent pattern throughout (I've also got midi messages moving the snare drum from edge to center). 

I read from the general forum about crecendo playback in sibelius and it mentions adjusting the ";live playback velocities";.  It just mentioned that they would have to be adjusted.  My question is dealing with ";how"; to successfully adjust the accents throughout the hairpin crecendo in the measure.  Do I adjust the constant velocity, louder, softer, crecendo/diminuendo, scale dynamic range that is listed in the menu?

I've messed with the louder by adding 50 to the constant velocity of 63, but no sounds seem to be different.  Please help.  Thanks

Thanks for the response.  I was trying to do adjustments under the wrong menu.  Now everything sounds much clearer. Thanks.


Unfortunately, if you put in a hairpin and tell Sibelius to adjust by 50% or alter the live playback velocities it will negate the accents.  So, easiest way around it is to select just the unaccented notes and change the live playback of those, then select just the accented notes and alter those live playbacks at a slightly louder volume.  If your properties menu is pulled up, you can select a note and see the velocity value of the note.  That would be on the Playback tab.
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