VDL2 Sibelius 4 Sound Set Mapping and Key

Perhaps this is a dumb question, But has anyone made a map of what note heads create what sound in Sibelius 4 using the VDL2 sound set.  I use the template but sometimes I get undesired results with my M-Audio 02 input.  Likewise sometimes you will have a single sound that is wrong and it would be beneficial to just change the note head to fix the issue when doing last minute score editing instead of pulling out the midi keyboard etc.  If anyone has any ideas or helpful hints, I'd appreciate them.
Alex, I know that Bill Castillo creates the VDL2 templates for Sibelius, but I don't know if he ha actually create what you might be looking for.

If he hasn't, you can go into [b]House Style > Edit Staff Types[/b] and check them out the staff styles in which you are interested. If you have the corresponding sounds loaded, you can click on the noteheads, hear which sound it is, then write down which noteheads correspond to which sounds.

That would be a start anyhow :-)
I do have the master list still still, but it doest not have the Rack Combo B or any of the new templates that were added on it.  It also doesn't have the note head numbers, just the notehead itself.
Thanks for the reply,  Any little bit helps.  Bill is there anyway you could email me the list?  And thanks for the info Bryan.

Alex Helton
Percussion Instructor
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