Links to Sibelius Kontakt Gold instruments with VDL2

I just posted on my website a show that I recently finished for Arlington Heights High School in Ft. Worth, Texas.  This was my first time using VDL2 for my drum sounds with the wind sounds being Kontakt Gold.  I did use some of the Kontakt Gold mallets. The show was written for a medium difficulty.  I'm a brass person, but using VDL2  really helped me in being creative with the percussion scoring that I wanted.

Just scroll down to ";Arlington Heights High School Band";  and click on the links.



Hey Dennis. For someone who's been wrestling with various technical issues, you've sure been productive. Great work!
Thanks!  I am having fun using VDL2 with my writing. 

Did you set up two seperate scores for this?  I am currently running one large score with virtual drumline for the front ensemble and battery sounds and the default mac sounds for the winds.  I have Kontakt Gold and would love to incorporate the sounds in to this score.  I am also running Kontakt 2.  Could you walk me through this?

I suggest running everything through K2.  The K2 sounds are equally or better then the Kontakt Gold sounds, in my opinion. 

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