Keystation 49e- not found in playback and input devices

We haven't been doing anything with program for a few weeks.  When we tried to start up this morning.  Our keyboard doesn't seem to be working- or it is not being detected when ";find new device"; under playback  and input devices in Sibelius.  When we unplug and plug back in keyboard, the computer says ";new hardware found, installed and ready for use.

Because my kids use this computer for a variety of things, download things, etc.  Is it possible that we have inadvertently changed some setting that is not allowing us to use the keyboard with VDL2 and Sibelius as we did in the past?

I have messed with it for a couple of hours... and probably have done more harm than good.  Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you. 
You would be likely to have more success by contacting M-Audio directly, or opening a support ticket through their website.

They are generally pretty good about getting back to you quickly. Hope this helps!
When you unplugged/plugged the keyboard, and you got the ";new hardware found"; message would imply that the computer [i]is[/i] recognizing the keyboard. Depending on what else could be jumbling up your computer, a USB keyboard may be more succeptible to losing contact with its drivers, but turning it off, then back on again could likely reestablish that connection. I'm no expert here, so I agree your best course of action would be to check with the folks at M-Audio.

Good luck!
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