Marimba's playing Cymbals

When writing for a Marimbla player in the Pit... naturally they'll have a cymbal next to them, so, is there a way to get the playback to go from Marimba to Cymbal on the same Staff? 
Ok, so now that I'm in Sib and writing more I get what everyone was saying and have figured out a solution.  Using what I was noticing before and what someone else mentioned here, I changed the staff type to VDL2 Marimba and Cymbal and then put in the cymbal note and then changed it back to 5 line pitched.  I was able to move the staff change demarcations to specific places in the bar so that solved that issue.  Taking Jim's advice, I changed the Marimba and Cymbal staff to have 5 lines.  Now everything looks and sound right.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and help!!

I <3 VDL2.

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