Rendering Issues. Wrong sounds playing

When I am trying to render my percussion score in Acid Pro using the VSIi plug-in the wrong sounds are being played back when I listen to it and render it in Acid Pro. I export the midi file from Sibelius, load it into acid pro, but when I substitute the sounds they play different things (ex: I have a vibraslap on count one, but instead it plays a gong hit. I have a china crash, but it does a gong scrape on a different channel.) It doesn't do this in Sibelius. All the sounds are right in sibelius, but when I upload the MIDI file into Acid all of a sudden the program changes seem to go different. How do I fix this?
Are you trying to do program changes? Let me clarify...on one channel, are you trying to swap one instrument (i.e. marimba) for another one (i.e. bass drum) at certain points in the score? If so, the only way to accomplish this is by using the full version of Kontakt 2 using ";instrument banks.";

From your description though, I sense that you're trying to do something different, but I can't quite tell. Can you be a little clearer on how exactly you've configured your channel settings? Are you running more than one instance of the VST plugin? I probably won't have any specific Acid advice for you, so it may also help you to check with their support folks as well. If you can list a detailed, step-by-step, method to how you're doing it, maybe it'll shed some light. Screenshots might also be helpful if you can post some.

If you exported a midi file from Sibelius, and things were sounding fine in the Sibelius world, this is good. It probably just means that you haven't routed your channels/VST settings correctly within Acid. Essentially, you'll need to emulate the same workflow in Acid, with the exception of the fact that you're working through VDL as a plugin (rather than standalone). It's essentially the same thing, but more self-contained this way.


I use Kontakt 2 and I have my sound banks all worked out. The program changes and everything are working great in Sibelius 4.

What I am trying to do is turn the entire Percussion Score into an MP3 using Sony ACID Pro 5.0

What I do is I export my score as a MIDI file from Sibelius and I load it into ACID Pro. (Step 1.jpg)

Then I have to Load up Kontakt 2 in ACID Pro using the VSTi Plugin. (I then load my instruments and sound banks) (Step2.jpg)

When I press Play in ACID Pro my program changes that should be set into my MIDI File stop working. (Instead of switching to Program)

On Step 3.jpg you will see where it said Vibraslap is playing but what is really coming out is a Gong hit... and its coming from that Bank when it says its on the Vibraslap program.

It happens differently later on in the piece. (Step 4.jpg) Sounds like a gong scrape instead of a China Crash like it says.

So I don't really know whats going wrong.




Sounds like you've created some screenshots, but I'm not sure where to see them.

Nonetheless, you should be able to view your various program changes in Acid I would assume. I don't know anything about Acid, so this might be something you should look into. Just like you can view any other midi data like velocity settings, mod-wheel automation, etc, you should be able to see these program change messages.

To help you troubleshoot (if you haven't already) it may be helpful to just focus on one track at a time by solo'ing it. So you can really observe what's happening. I'm still not really following much of what you're doing since I don't know Acid. Do you have any friends who use that program that might be able to lend some advice? Have you depleted their documentation in regard to midi commands and program/patch changes?

What Program do you use to Render your scores into an MP3 using Kontakt 2 with VDL:2 sounds?

I either record straight out of K2 into Peak, or for more detail control I use Logic. Are you getting program changes to occur, but they're not loading the correct sounds? I see in your screenshot, the vibraslap is playing, but are you sure that the incorrect gong hit you're hearing is coming from that channel?

Does Acid Pro have any documentation about program changes? I wonder if there's some sort of conflict between 1-128 numbering, or 0-127 numbering.

Someone that knows Acid will probably be able to help you better, but keep at it...i'd guess there's probably an easy solution.
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