Sibelius 4.1: Creating "Half-Open HiHat" Symbol

Hi Everyone,
Has anyone created a ";Half-Open HiHat"; Symbol in Sibelius 4: constituting a ";harmonic"; symbol, with a diagonal line through it?

I cannot seem to create (or edit) Symbols, by using a diagonal line; I have to overlap two symbols -
Sibelius 4's version of the symbol seems to be a harmonic symbol with a VERTICAL line through it -

Thanks for your help,
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No I haven't done this before. It's a little less elegant, but I usually write some text additions for the player to follow along with.

Don't quote me on this, but I think there are some ways you can create/edit your own symbols (in the symbols window) based on combining other symbols. So that might be something you'd want to read up on in your Sibelius documentation.
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