off topic/V-drums

Does anyone have experience intergating
V-drums (by Roland) into the
marching percussion ensemble/marching band?
Seems like there is interest here to explore
the possible use of that technology
with our marching band.  I'd like to
see if there's anyone who has engaged
the process of figuring things out and
can give me an overview of the drums
and their possible use.  Thanks in
advance for your help!

Take care!
Hey Neal,

I don't have any first hand experience but I did come across the following link that might help you...

It is an article in the Music Education in Technology magazine from a few months ago about the Centergrove HS drum line using electronic drum pads in their indoor and OUTdoor shows.  Might help get you connected to someone from there that has some first hand experience...

Hope this helps!

Take Care,

There was an article published within the last year about do this very topic. Unfortunately I can not recall the magazine, either Music Education Technology ( or BOA's publication. The article involved one of the large Indiana bands. Again my memory fails, but I believe it was either Avon or Carmel. Sorry I can't be of more help. If I can find the article I'll post the specifics. I also seem to remember Mike Bach using electronics with his HS line in the late 80's.

Ted Boliske
If I had typed faster I would have posted just before Dave. That is the article I was thinking of, Avon ... Carmel ... Center Grove, it's all the same when you start to get close to 50.

Ted Boliske
Great minds thinking alike huh Ted?
does anyone use the v-drums to play in real-time with a sequencer for VDL samples?

If so, how do you like it?  I'm thinking about doing it (another way to keep my chops up).
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