OT - Crotale Maintanance and Issues

Okay experts, here's one for you:

The highest 'c' on my high octave of Zildjian Crotales doesn't ring near as much as the 'b' below it does. I've checked the mounting bar and done some quasi-scientific method type tests to rule it out, so I'm stuck with a single note that sounds... well... dead.

What's the deal? Has it finally gone out of tune? Or worse, has it... gone bad?

Anyone had any experience with this?

This may sound obvious, but... it's possible that the nut to keep the crotale in place is too tight and cutting off the vibrations. Does it still sound bad if you take that off, or if you take the crotale off and hit it?
Yes, I have had a similar experience over the years with our Zildjan crotales. Can't explain it, but some notes over the years just go dead. We tried everything and nothing works. It's been many years since it happened and my memory fails me, but I think our dealer even talked to their Zildjan rep for an answer but they had none.

We ended up replacing just the ones that went dead. You can order individual note replacements from a dealer.

Hope this helps.

I have also experienced this and just simply had to replace the ";dead"; note.  I have not had this happen too many times but I have seen it in the past.
Any signs of abuse?  Denting, etc?
[quote author=denete link=topic=1661.msg8010#msg8010 date=1176262942]
Any signs of abuse?  Denting, etc?

Definitely. I teach High School!
Watch out for brass mallets.
[quote author=denete link=topic=1661.msg8018#msg8018 date=1176376790]
Watch out for brass mallets.

They will get you every time.  I have found the Innovative Percussion aluminum mallets are close in sound to the brass mallets but not nearly as damaging to the crotale discs...
Yes indeed.  Aluminum is the clink.
They work well in pretty much every application I have came across.
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