OT: my new CD is done- using VDL2 for some sounds

Thuoght I post this here since I used a lot of VDL2 pit sounds on my CD.  I used Kontak 2 in garageband to trigger my sounds of my malletkat and trapkat.  Really the only REAL instrument throughout is the steel drum, and not most of the backing ones!!

I also used Donnie Christian marimbas along with some from VDL2.  Brake drums, congas, wind chimes, and a ton of other stuff too are VDL2.  Drumset sounds are mostly from Battery3 with some older technology thrown in.

All in all, I couldnt have done this nearly as well without getting into VDL2 and learning about Kontak2.  Life has been made SO much easier for me by getting away from my EMU sampler and doing it all in Garageband.  So thank you all for the help and the push to buy this stuff.

So, IF you like caribbean music and want to check it out, go here

If you want to buy it, this page is a special page for my friends, past buyers ect to get a nice discount.  All CDs are only $7. It can only be accesed through this link.

Hope you like it!!

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