I just got a new Macbook pro... 2.16Ghz, 3Gb RAM. 

I cannot play my arrangments without lowering every instruments polyphony.  I'm playing 2 marimbas, 1 vibes, timpani, bells, Bass and Gong, and this strains the system to the point of shutting off the playing, even before adding in the drumline.  I'm wondering, would a normal computer (non intel mac) with this speed of Processor and RAM have this same problem?  Or is this just a software compatibility issue?  I can survive with lowering each sample's polyphony for the time being, but I'm wondering if I'll have to deal with this forever, and will I have to deal with this when I start using Kontact 2 instead of the Kontact player that comes with VDL2. 

Any help would be bad ass


If you could clarify a few things, this would be helpful:

1.) Finale or Sibelius?  What version?

2.) Older Template or a brand new Template?

3.) If you are using Finale 2006 +, are you using VDL inside of Finale or Standalone outside of the notation environment?

4.) Are you using Scrolling Playback?  If so, try turning this feature off as it will then not have to redraw your score at the same time as playing everything.

The instrumentation does seem to be something that should able to be played without hearing any playback artifacts, so there is somethig else at work here?  Are you running your notation program under Rosetta?  You would be if you are using Sibelius and if you have 2006 Finale, that would be the same.  If you are running Finale 2007, you would have to be in Rosetta to see VDL within Finale.

Please specify this information and we will all be glad to help, man.

I'm using Sibelius 4
Using the New Template
Not sure about the Scrolling Playback but I'll check it out.
I do assume that I'm using both pieces of software (Sibelius, and VDL2) under Rosetta.


One thing that really helped me with playback on my computer was...

#1 - If you're recording, do it to a different/external HD

#2 - Make sure no extraneous apps are running

#3 - Reduce/remove the release on items such as Vibes/Chimes
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