Silent Playback

I went to listen to something i wrote, and for some reason, the playback was completely silent.  I can click on the keys in the Kontakt Player and produce sound, but nothing in playback.  I checked my MIDI Setup option in FINALE 2005  and my Output Device is MIDI Yoke NT:1, so I don't understand the problem.

Does anyone have any thoughts?



I am assuming the sound was ";working"; before...  Can you post what your midi setting are as well as the devices (input and output)?

I have nothing set up for MIDI-In in the FINALE ";MIDI Setup"; Option; that was how I had it before, when the sound was working, too. The MIDI-Out is MIDI Yoke NT:1, and my MIDI-Thru is set to Smart.  Is there anything else I should check?


Sounds good so far Mike. Remember, Finale 2005 is sending midi OUT through MIDI Yoke 1, so VDL needs to receive midi IN through that same device. Which leads to the next question...What are your MIDI settings in VDL?
Hey Jim,
That was the problem!  My MIDI In in VDL2 was turned off on MIDI Yoke NT:1.  Thanks for the help!

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