How Do I Use Kontakt 2 In Conjunction With Finale

I recently purchased Kontakt 2 because I wanted to use the feature in which would allow me to use banks to have multiple instruments on the same line using the VDL 2 sounds.  I have Finale 2006 and I am wondering how do I use Kontakt 2 in conjuction with Finale.  I viewed the tutorial and understand that part in terms of loading the banks, but I am unware how to load the sounds from VDL2, or even be able to use Kontakt 2 - the full version - as a plug-in in Finale 2006.

Thanks for the help in advance.
Alex, maybe you can add some more info, particularly what you've tried thus far...

I haven't used Finale in a while, but normally being able to use a particular application as a VST plugin in another application involves copying the appropriate .dll file into the VST folder of the particuluar application in which you want to run the plugin.

In this case, you'll want to copy the Kontakt VST file (something as such)...
[b]Native Instruments (or host folder) > Kontakt > VSTPlugins > Kontakt.dll[/b]
...into the Finale VST folder, which should be similar to the Kontakt VST folder.

The process would be similar for loading VDL2 as a plug-in.
[b]Tapspace > Virtual Drumline 2 > VSTPlugins > VirtualDrumline2VST.dll[/b]

Hope this helps!
Ok, well I've managed to place Kontakt 2 as a plug-in for Finale, but now my next question is how do I swap what I've loaded into the instrument bank (I.E. A Marimba, a tambourine, and a concert snare drum) on the same staff?

For example, I am writing a marimba part, but right after a particular phrase, a tambourine comes in.  How would I swap the sounds on the same staff?

Thanks for the help in advance!
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