Marimba Problem - Finale 2007

Just experimenting with keyboard percussion . . . and I'm copying (transposing) parts originally written for brass and woodwinds into staves for keyboard percussion (from one file to another).

This seems to have worked well for all but marimba. No matter what marimba set I choose in VDL2, it won't play the marimba parts back in Finale.

Glock, Xylo, and Vibes all sound fine . . .

And everything seems to be in order in the Instrument List.

I also don't hear any marimba playback when entering notes manually with the Speedy Entry Tool. (This is the case for Marimbas 1-4 in the Finale '07 template).

What am I missing?



Finale 2007
Windows XP
Pentium 4
Finale 2007 Template for VDL2


Considering that everything appears to work well in the other keyboard staves, it sounds like a Finale issue. What are you using to enter notes, type of controller? Have you checked the MIDI settings? Are you using VDL2 as a plug-in or stand alone? Which band instruments are pasting into the marimba staves? Are you using the FIN07 template or did you open the FIN06 template and then save it in 2007?

Ted Boliske

I'm running VDL2 as a VST Plugin . . . and I started with the Finale 2007 template.

The MIDI settings are no different than usual. (I'm using an E-MU Xboard 49).

It's actually a bassoon part that I'm pasting into marimba . . . and I couldn't get it to work in treble clef, transposed up an octave . . . or in bass clef.

It's odd, because I can enter notes manually in marimba, but there's still no sound . . . Yet I can see the marimba volume meter moving in studio view during playback . . . but there's no audible playback for marimba.

I'm doing the cut-and-paste thing just as a quick way to experiment with the VDL2 keyboard sounds.


The MIDI setting were a shot in the dark considering you could/can get the speedy entry to work (hear sounds) for the other boards. The next thing to check is the MIDI channel assignment for the marimbas. Are you using more than one instance of VDL? If so, check to make sure that it is correctly selected in the instrument window. Each instance should be listed as VDL2-1, VDL2-2 etc. and each will have its own set of 8 MIDI channels. While each of these is listed as 1 through 8 they are considered 1 through 16/32/48 etc. in the Finale instrument window.

Keep me posted.

Ted Boliske
If it was originally a Basoon part or you are copying and pasting from other wind parts etc., do you have a transposition set in that staff that may take it out of the range?�� Just a guess...

1.) Staff Tool
2.) Doubleclick Marimba Staff
3.) Is Transposition on the right side set to be anything?

Just a thought...

What channels do you have for the Marimba, and what does the number say under the Marimba Voice in the Kontakt Player itself?
Thanks guys,

I think I'm on the right track now. I was wrong when I said everything was in order on the Instrument List.  It's a channel issue.

In the default template for Finale '07, the first 8 channels take me through ";Vibe 2"; . . . thus, no marimba sounds. Duh . . . When I change channels to 9 or 10, I get marima notes.

So . . . I guess I'm gonna have to run two instances of VDL2 . . . if I want the full complement.

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