Solution to the Finale-Sibelius file conflict?

Any of you Sibelius users ever use the ";Dolet for Sibelius"; program to make MusicXML files? I'm tired of dealing with the whole Sibelius-Finale conflict. This program sounds like a great alternative to making a MIDI.

Thanks for any help!

I save files all the time using xml to open in Sibelius.  Problem is that anything that is not melodic ends up WAY below the staff.  Saves time, but still clunky a bit.
Have you ever made an XML file from Sibelius to open in Finale though? Dolet Lite comes with Finale but not with Sibelius. This website has the Sibelius version for $129. I just wanted to know if anyone has actually bought it and used it before I take the plunge. A few of the schools I write for have Finale, and year after year they request a Finale file.

As Bill mentioned, Music XML isn't perfect (especially with non-pitched percussion tracks), but it's a heck of a lot beter than the older-fashioned method of sharing midi files. I occasionally use the Dolet plug-in within Sibelius and it works as well (from what I can tell) as the built-in Music XML export from Finale. So this is a good option if you're looking to export your Sibelius scores to import them into Finale. If I remember correctly, the Dolet people are responsible for the Music XML development, so it's too bad that Sibelius doesn't have this feature built-in like Finale does. Importing Music XML is no problem, but as you've already discovered, if you want to export to Music XML in Sibelius, you have to purchase the Dolet/Sibelius plug.
The Plugin, I believe, is a DEMO and you could try it for 30-days to see for yourself if that will work ok for you.


The Finale Dolet's are DEMO that I have used for 30-days before when I had to make some XML file to back to 2004,2005 Macintosh Finale files.

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