VDL2, no playback. Please Help.

Hello all.  Here are my specs:  PC, Intel duo processor, 2 GB Ram, 250 GB HD, Sibelius 4, VDL2, Korg K49 studio controller. 

Here is my problem.  Yesterday, the playback for all VDL2 is non-existant.  I don't know why it stopped producing sound through Sibelius, but nothing (to my knowledge) has changed.  Here is how I have things set up.  Also I might mention that I tired Sibelius playback options by playing a piano piece in the sibelius instrument playback works fine.

Under the ";Playback Devices"; the Kontakt (silver) player is marked ";yes";, MIDI YOKE NT1 is marked ";yes";.  Under the same menu, the test sounds work. 
Under the ";Imput Device"; menu the USB Audio Device [2] is highlighted for my midi imput.  This is slightly different because it used to read Korg k49m as the device.  (this is pretty much the only thing that is different and I don't know why, and I don't think it effects the VDL playback).  I also have reset the instruments and sounds and reapplyed to the mixer. 

The mixer currently reads Device: Midi yoke nt 1, sound acoustic grand piano, chanel 1.  This is how the I've always had the instruments set up (different instruments with appropriate channel) and gotten the correct playback.  No the test sounds do not play under the Mixer Menu.

VDL2 Midi set up.
Input Interface reads MIDI Yoke NT 1 - on.  All others in the input are turned off.
Output Interface reads USB Audio Device [2] - on.  All others in the output are turned off.  (the difference is not identifying the Korg k49 as the midi controller, but should this still effect the playback?)

Also when I tap on the VDL2 keyboard with my mouse, sometimes sounds will read 99% cpu usage (something out of the ordinary).  I do hear all the sounds from VDL2 when I tap on the keypad with the mouse, but not when I imput through sibelius and when I playback sibelius files.  Please note that I went back to the istruction manual and as best as I can tell have everything set up properly with VDL and Sibelius. 

I know this is a long message, I wanted to be as thorough as possible.  I gladly appreciate any help I can get.  I'm really stressed because I'm getting to be under deadline for a band I'm arranging for.  Thanks for the help

Jeremy - thanks for the detailed listing of your settings.

In the VDL2 MIDI Setup, make sure ALL items under [b]output[/b] interface are set to ";off";.

If your Korg used to show up, but no longer does (in either Sibelius or VDL), this may mean there's a problem with whatever drivers you were using to recognize that device. It may be worth unplugging the keyboard or powering it down for a minute or so, then re-engaging it. Perhaps restarting your computer as well to see if it gets recognized again. That probably won't affect VDL playback, but it would affect your input into Sibelius if that ever becomes an issue.

If you're still having some problems, it may be worth doing a ";reset sounds"; in the Sibelius mixer, then re-doing all your device and channel settings on each track just to be sure everything's reading correctly.

The high CPU usage may have something to do with a midi loop being created by the VDL2 output being set to your USB device. If that's set to off (like all outputs should be), that should be resolved.
I opened Sibelius/VDL2.�� I changed the output readings to off for all VDL2 devices.�� I unplugged the midi keyboard as suggested to see if anything was recognized.�� Nothing poped up in Sibelius (no change in midi settings note).��

I opened up the ";playback and imput"; devices menu.�� I went to the ";imput device"; tab, and I got a message that reads [";The MIDI subsystem returned an error.�� Perhaps another MIDI app is running.�� The error is: There is no driver installed on your system";].��

How do I lose a driver that was clearly working two days ago?�� More importantly (my computer knowledge is little at best) how do I fix this problem to get the playback to work.

I have done all of the above steps mentioned in the Jim's reply.�� Thanks for the help.

Also, when I click ";Find new devices"; in the imput devices menu, it says that there is no driver on my system.  Thanks

O.K. I clearly need to learn paitence and stress managment. 

I finished reinstalling the Korg Midi Controller and the driver that comes with it.  All is well now.  Thanks for all the help.
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