OT- Upgrading MacBook Pro ram

Is there a cheaper way to  upgrade the ram in my MacBook Pro besides going through Apple ($500-600 according to a local Apple store)?

I've checked with Crucial and a 2gig kit is $132, but I'm not sure if this is what I need since the max supported is three gigs and I've already got 2.

Any insight on how the best route would be most appreciated.
Ok.  I did some more research and found that I would have to get a 2gig and 1gig stick, which would run about $475 from newegg. 

I guess that will have to wait.  :)

If you've already got 2 gigs of ram it should not be neccesary for you to buy 3 just to upgrade. From the factory it comes with 2 gigs, 2 cards with each card being 1 gig. Looking at the specs on the Apple site, there is nothing about needing to replace all of the current ram. Additionally, check with Other World Computing for prices, installation instructions and customer service (otherworldcomputing.com).

Ted Boliske
Great to hear, Ted.  Thanks!
I second what Ted said, you should only have to upgrade one slot with a 2Gb chip. Go with a well-known vendor such as Crucial.com or OWC. Double check though, the original MacBook Pros (Core Duo, not Core 2 Duo) would only allow a 2Gb system total based on motherboard specs.

Ryan Kime

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