Playback Issues

Hello! I just got VDL 2, and I'm having difficulty getting it to work. I'm using Finale 2005, and downloaded the Midi Yoke virtual midi cable. I set NT: 1 as my midi input in VDL, and as the output in Finale. I also downloaded the VDL Finale 2005 template and opened that. However, no matter which instrument I load in VDL, i can't get any sound from Finale, and all i hear when I click the keyboard in the Kontakt player is piano sound. 
In VDL, be sure all options in MIDI-Output Interface are set to ";off.";

Also - what are your settings in the VDL Soundcard Setup window?
I checked in the soundcard window and tweaked some settings, and everything's working fine now. Thanks for the tip!
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