FINALE 2007 TEMPLATE. Bass Drum issue

Help me out....
(Mac Intell, 2Gig Ram, Finale 2007c)

I have the finale 2007 template.  When I hit the E/D#, I am getting the top bass in the top space.  When I hit D/C#, I am getting the bass 2 sounds, but the Keyboard Note ";D"; is putting the note on the top space instead of the 2nd space.  When I hit the C/B, it puts the third bass sound on the 2nd and 3rd space respectively.  Bass 4 and 5 are fine.  Do I have a Bass Drum Map issue of some sort?  I Have tried to load the Bass drum full and bass drum lite and I'm experiencing the same problem.
Thanks guys.

I will take a look and get back to you on this. In the mean time you could try the following. Using FIN2007, open the 2k6 template. If the problem is in the template this would ";correct"; the issue.

Ted Boliske

I've check the template and appears to be fine. The mapping should be as follows:

drum#1 - above staff (treble clef g): e/d#
drum#2 - top space (treble clef e): d/c#
drum#3 - second space down (treble clef c): c/b
drum#4 - third space down (treble clef a): a#/a
drum#5 - bottom space (treble clef f): g#/g
drum #6 - below staff (treble clef d): f#/f

1st pitch is right hand, 2nd pitch is left hand

From reading the description of your problem, it could be that the percussion mapping has been changed. To verify, use the Staff Attributes tool/Edit Staff Attributes/select staff/select percussion map/highlight the bass map/click edit/check the box ";display named notes only";/scroll down and check.

If the problem is here, simply move the note head to the staff position you wish to use.

Let us know if that helps.

Ted Boliske

That does help.  not sure why, but my bas drum map was a little wierd.  I had to go in and pull a couple of the notes to the right place.  Thanks for your help.

One more thing...Any idea why my bass drum sounds might be playing back really quietly?  I have the sound turned all the way up in the AU setup, VDL: 2 Browser and the sounds are turned all the way up in the studio browser in finale.  The only thing audible when all of the other instruments are playing is the unisons.
The first thought off the top would be dynamics. Do you have any dynamic markings written in the score? Like every thing else in Finale, these can also be adjusted.

Ted Boliske
Hmmm.....No dynamics, but I do have some smart shape crescendos and decrescendos.  Human playback is turned off though....Its a mystery.  Maybe its this template.  it hasn't been acting right from the beginning...Those bass drum notes that were out of place and a couple quad notes were out of place as well..  So much to think about!
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