Midi Message Question

Hello All,

I have a question on how to correctly apply the midi message.  I want to use the right hand at the edge of the snare drum (sometimes moving from edge to center), and the left hand being more isolated, playing in the center, edge, rim, etc...  How do I efficently apply the midi message for the appropriate playback?  Would it be best to use one layer/voice for the r.h. and a second layer/voice for the other hand?  Or should I just highlight the note, and type in ~C1,___?  Thanks for the help.

Sib 4, VDL2, K49 MIDI
Hey Jeremy,

For clarity's sake, I would personally do one hand in voice 1 and the other hand in voice 2.  Besides all the midi messages you'll have all over the place, you'll also have a lot of text for the students to know the right playing zone.  Stems up or down depending on the hand will help give a little more room I'd think.
As always, Bill is the man!  This would definitely be the best way to work this...
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