Copy/paste staff from template

I have a chart almost complete and like most people, I have saved the ";Rack"; percussion stuff for last.  I just realized that I don't have the Rack Combo B map from the VDL Template in place on the chart I'm working on.  Is it possible to open the finale VDL 2007 template and somehow copy the staff/Map and paste it into this new chart. 

If not, what is my best course of action?

I am not sure if I follow you completely but I think this should work for you.

Open the template file that has the Rack Combo B map in it. From the menu, select FIle, Save Library and select percussion maps and save the file with a file name like VDL2 percussion maps or something easy to identify it with. (That will create a file that you can load into any finale file with all of those VDL2 maps in it.) Then go into the file that you want to add the map to and select File, Load Library and select the library that has the map you want in it and load it. Now all of the maps in that library will be added to your current maps in that file.

A side note. If there are duplicates, that means that there is some difference between the two and you will want to be carefull to check them out and delete which ever one is old or incorrect.

Hope this helps
Sorry it's hard to put these things into words sometimes. 

I have the library loaded and I am getting the sounds.  What I need is the Map.  In other words, when I type in a concert bass/gong hit, I have the sounds I need, but it puts the notes 7 ledger lines down with regular whole note heads.  If I'm not mistaken, the correct map will position the notes on the staff with a certain kind of note heads.

Now that's a horse of a different color!

Try this:

Open the map to edit it (through the staff attributes form.) Once open, look at the entries in the map and see if there is an asterisk in the MIDI pitch area of the different note entries. If there isn't one, that's the problem. To fix it, put a check mark in the ";highlighted note"; box and then select the ";All Named Notes"; button in the lower right hand area of the form. This will put an asterisk next to every named item in the map. This triggers Finale to use the noteheads and staff positions of the map. For some reason, it sometimes loses the asterisks when you load the map into a new file so you may have to do it everytime you create a new score.

Hope this helps.
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