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I am interested in selling music online on my website (mainly for fun i don't expect a huge money income for this) and was wondering if anybody knows a good way to do this.  I've look at yahoo small business and google small business but neither says anything about online downloading of products.  If anybody could point me in a direction to get started, that would be great. 

Another question i just thought of.......I'm buying a new sound card for VDL2 and want to make sure i can use it to do the ";record what you hear"; type of recordings so i can record my music off SIB4. 



No sweat my man!  No sweat!
Thanks guys for the answers.  I've had a pay pal account for a little under a month now, but I am having trouble figuring out how to integrate it with my site.  I'll do a little more research on pay pal's website.  The Digital Signature for PDF files is definately something i'll check out.

As for the sound card, I guess i should have searched the forum and FAQs first, but the question just popped into my head and out my fingers.  We all know how that can be. 


Ryan seems to have gotten you the 411 on the web stuff.  As for the sound card, just do a search in the Tapspace forums for sound card and you will find a few posts telling you all you need to know about them.  To be honest, checking the Tapspace FAQ site might not be a bad move either.  Hope this helps!!!
Hi Zach,

My day job is that of a Senior Web Developer so I'll try to help you out. Probably the easiest way to sell items on a website right now is either through PayPal or the new Google Checkout. You set up an account and then go through a wizard to generate ";add to Cart"; HTML code you place on your website. Here's the two sites:


As for the downloadable music, the guys here at Tapspace use a PDF with a digital signature (if I remember right). You could do the same thing, you just need to get the software. I would say Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro, but the Tapspace guys are better ones to answer that area.

Adobe Digital Signatures

Hope that helps,

Ryan Kime

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