Finale 2007 - problems saving as an audio file

Working with Finale 07c and I have Kontak 2 & VDL2 on my iMac intel.

Trying to save as a audio file (Aiff OR Wav) and it only gives my a 2-7 seconds of a 60 sec piece - duration changes everytime I try it.  Sounds fine, then it just stops recording so to speak.  I made audio recordings using Finales internal sounds as an MP3 just fine, but now this is happening when I use VDL2 sounds.

Any insite??

Also, OT, is there a way to take the bottom bass sound and move it up one position (hence replacing bass 4 sound? All while notating it on the bass 4 spot.

The recording problem may be an issue in running in Rosetta since VDL2 is not yet native Intel. I can't say for sure as I'm not on an Intel mac.

As far as change the notation for the bass drum, just remap the bass to the staff placement. Remember that you can not change the key mapping in VDL2, just were on the staff sounds are notated.

Ted Boliske

Beat me to it.�� ��:)�� I was going to say that you may want to check the following:

1.) Expand your Playback Controls
2.) Make sure that [b]OBSERVE PLAYBACK REGION WHEN SAVING AS AUDIO FILE [/b] is not chosen.

You may just want to delete your preferences for Finale as well as I have not heard about anything this strange with Finale in Rosetta - so I am not too convinced right now that this has to do with Finale being i n Rosetta and using the VDL sounds.

[b]DELETE PREFERENCES [/b] - first close Finale

2.) Delete [b]Finale2007Preferences[/b]
3.) Restart Finale and your file

You will have to reset your program layout and your Midi Setup as this will reset your program to a default state.
tried everything you just mentioned above, same thing is happening.�� It's very random of how much it actually saves as a audio file.�� Never more than 10 seconds but sometimes 2 - 5 - 7 ect.

Guess I'll just have to use HiJack for a while.�� Man NOTHING is easy.

thanks guys!!
ok scratch Audio hijack, it's not working either!!�� I dont really know what to ";capture"; while still using Finale.  I have to read about getting to work the old fashion way I guess.

I'm working around everything now, but I've got a recording using good ole garageband.  Yikes.
I like Wiretap Pro.�� This works well as a live capture program when playing live from Finale on Macintosh.�� It sounds as there is an issue with the file (as I have not heard of this happening because of running Finale in Rosetta and using Audio Units) and it would be cool too take a look at it to see if the same thing happens here on a windows computer.


The above link is a free group that you can join (thanks to Chznvrt) so that we can share files and help each other with issues like this one.�� If you wanted to upload a file there that would help some of us in diagnosing the issue, otherwise you can email it to me and I would be happy to take a look at it.


[b]1.)[/b] When you Save as Audio, does it go through and play the whole file and then you realize that it only captured a few seconds, or does it just stop processing the document?
[b]2.)[/b] What do you get when you go to the Document Menu -->Data Check -->File Maintenance and then run a file maintenance?�� How many deleted items?
[b]3.)[/b] Go to File Menu -->File Info.�� What is the creation date and version of the file?
[b]4.)[/b] When is the last time you restarted?
[b]5.)[/b] Have you tried doing a Permissions Repair?
�� �� �� �� �� �� - Select the hard drive labeled MACINTOSH HD
�� �� �� �� �� �� - Choose Repair Permissions
Restart your computer after doing a permissions repair and then open Finale and your file again.�� See if this helps.�� Again you can send me the file and I would be glad to work on it for you.

Let us know if this works for you.  Hope this gets you going again.
I also use WireTap Pro.  GREAT program!
Well I did a permissions repair and restarted and it seems to be working fine now. Wow!!  thank you so much.  I'm going to copy this all down so I always have it!!!
I was 'THIS' close to sending you my pitful little file to listen to!! LOL

thanks Coach

Thats great to hear that you are back up and running.  Let us know if it starts happening again. 
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