Buy more RAM or Buy Kontakt 2?


I am presently running VDL2 in Finale 2007 as a plug-in (with rosetta).

To optimize playback performances, would it be a better solution to have Kontakt 2 so I could load VDL2 samples into Finale without using rosetta? Or should I add more RAM to my computer and continue running Finale with rosetta?

I understand that both solutions combined would be best but I have to make a choice regarding the money involved.

Does someone has experienced the difference between these two solutions?


Thierry Pilote

Mac OSX 10.4.8
2,16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1G Ram

For now I need VDL2 to work the better as possible and I can live with GPO for the rest. So I will get more Ram and wait for VDL2.5.

Thanks for the recommendations. They really help.

I'd recommend you buy more RAM. Bump up to 2-3GB and you'll have a lot more headroom. And the universal version of Virtual Drumline is coming in the near future (within the next couple months), and that will solve many of your performance problems on the Intel mac, along with many other great features. Keep an eye out for Virtual Drumline 2.5 announcements soon on the Tapspace website, and here on the forum.
I think you would only need Kontakt 2 if you wanted to load samples from other sources (Garritan Personal Orchestra, Christian Lane, etc.), or if you wanted more sounds than what the VDL2 player will allow. Do you see yourself ever needing more instruments loaded than that?
You can never have too much RAM, my advice would be to get the RAM and deal with the hiccups until Tapspace comes out with the Univesal Binary version of their player. Kontakt 2 already has, so I can't imagine it being much longer for VDL2 (although I can't speak for Jim!).

Until then, there are PLENTY of threads on the forum with little hints on optimizing performance.

Hope this helps...
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