Finale 2007's kontakt 2 with VDL2

   I recently purchased Finale 2007.  I have been able to use it with VDL2 successfully.  I have also been able to use GPO with VDL2 successfully.  My problem is that I would like to use VDL2 through the Kontakt 2 player that comes with finale, but i can not figure out how to do so.  It says on the finale website that you can load multiple libraries that are compatable with Kontakt into the Kontakt 2 player.  This would be very beneficial to me, seeing as i would like to compose scores that have more than 8 VDL2 instruments.

  If anyone is experienced in this area, your help would be greatly appreciated

  thank you,
- Matthew
Hey Matthew,

Right now Virtual Drumline, as it is, is not updated for the Kontakt Player 2.�� This is being worked on currently and will be announced when it is ready.�� But eventually, yes, this will be the case where you can have the GPO and VDL right in the same Kontakt Player 2 engine.�� There are not too many libraries right now that are updated for the KP2.�� It will take some time but they will soon all be out.

You can always use another instance of the VDL player in Finale by using another Bank of channels so that you can get more than 8 instruments but you will (for right now) only be able to load 8 instruments per player. 

Let us know if you have any further questions about it.

o ok. Thanks.  I just figured out that you could open a second instance of VDL2 in the channel 17-32 slot using channels 1-16.  I never knew that was possible. 

thanks again
No problem.�� Let us know if you need any help wth it.�� There are a few posts on here and in the FAQ section that will assit in setting that up if you have any trouble also.
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