wind scrore + virtual drumline

Ok, I am trying to write a wind score in sibelius 3 and use virtual drumline for the battery sounds....but when I use the virtual drumline template, I can't play the wind sounds using sibelius...but on the other side of it, I can play the wind sounds in normal sibelius templates but I can't play the battery there any way I can do these two together?
Start with the VDL percussion template. This is important because it contains numerous ";staff types"; that are important for percussion mapping.

Add your desired wind staves using ";add instrument"; and delete any percussion staves you don't need/want.

In Sibelius mixer, assign ";Device"; for wind staves to ";Kontakt Player";, and assign percussion staves to your virtual midi cable (midi yoke, iac driver, etc). Make sure settings for ";channel"; for percussion staves match the actual channel the VDL instrument is receiving on.
That was what I thought I was supposed to do, but I still don't hear the winds through the Kontakt Player.  When I go to the mixer, my devices scrolled down looks like this:

MIDI Yoke NT:1
(Kontakt Player)
(Creative SoundFont Synthesizer)
(Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 2)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 3)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 4)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 5)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 6)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 7)
(MIDI Yoke NT: 8)

the only one without parantheses is the first MIDI Yoke, and I don't know why.  The other MIDI Yokes work with the VDL sounds, but the Kontakt Player, Creative Soundblaster, and the Wavetable synth all don't play back in the VDL2 template.  I've checked all the channels and they are all matched.  I have no clue what is wrong.
Aaron,  the devices with () around them are not enable.  Be sure to configure your playback and input devices by going to the Play>Playback and input devices.  Make sure there is a yes by Kontakt player if that is your desired device.  Personally I'm more a fan of the Microsoft set but either way it has to know you want to allow it to use that device.  After you double click to say yes make sure you test it.  If VDL2 is configured right you should have no conflicts; go ahead and hit ok.  Hit M in sibelius to pull up the mixer and make sure the playback device is properly set to kontakt or GS wave table.  Now it should work properly.  Have Fun!
Yes, the items in parenthesis mean they're not active. Click the ";Reset Sounds"; button, and you should see a true reflection of your midi setup which will allow the devices to be used. Once you do this, you will have to reset the various channels, but once you save the score, you won't have to do it again on that machine.
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