Velocity Questions

I'm a fairly new user of VDL 2, and I have a few questions about velocity. I use Finale 2005, and the default midi velocity is 64. In previous things I've written (using Finale's default sounds), I left 64 as my default velocity, and set my accents at 175% and marcatos at 200% (All rim shots were marcatoed). I did this in VDL 2, and it just doesn't sound right. As I understand, VDL 2 bases different velocities on different samples, so I'm wondering what velocities the pros use to get the sound they want.
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Not putting myself in the pro category . . .

But I alter the bass velocities . . . all set to 127 for unison blasts . . . and I set all left-hand hits a few values higher than the right hand, to even out the sound.

Overall, I boost the sound of all instruments using articulations (dynamic markings). Snares in particular need a boost.

But everyone's system is different . . . and not eveyone goes for the same sound.

I guess you just have to experiment and find what works best with your soundcard.

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