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This isn't really a VDL:2 question, but I thought you guys might be able to give me some advice. Right now I curently use VDL:2 with Finale 2006. All I do is load my finished files into itunes, so I have very limited options in terms of mixing and editing . I've seen posts with people talking about programs like Kontakt, Cubase, Sonar, etc. My question is what do these programs allow me to do, and which program is the best for the money?

Cubas, Sonar, Logic and some others are sequencers.  Kontakt is a sampler.  What sequencers allow you to do is import a MIDI file (that you saved in Finale) and edit the file to really dial in the recording.  You can add in reverb and a host of other effects depending on the program.

That is a really short description.  They do a lot more, but that's a starting point.
I like loading my MIDI files into Cubase SE and then loading my Virtual Instruments into that and making the mix down.  Finale can get you a great audio file, but it doesn't process as well as Cubase and you still have more versatility in a sequencer like Cubase.
John, the other thing that a high-end sequencer can do is take your midi (from Finale) and sampler (VDL2), and render out your audio.  Instead of playing back at real time, and recording the summary audio signal, rendering is a faster-than-real-time copy and pasting of samples into a wave file.  This makes the sample playback ultra-accurate and doesn't require a beast of a machine(s) to create audio from lots of samplers on the same tune.

Most also allow sampler ";freezing"; as well, freeing up ram for parts you're working on, borrowing from the parts you're not.  This makes for more responsive audio creation.

Don't be fooled about the round trip, however.  There isn't a round-trip with the midi editing.  Good luck.
Thanks a lot for the advice guys!
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