Kontakt 2 instrument banks playback

I have checked the forum and I cannot find anything that helps me solve this:

1.  I have hard vibes lite (p1) loaded into 1 instrument bank on channel 6 along with the Bass line lite (p2), and the exact same thing loaded on channel 7.  Both vibe players are moving to some kind of drum, so this was just a test to see if I could get the program change.  Channel 7 works and plays back correctly, but channel 6 does not.  The vibes play, but no bass.  I did the staff changes for both, program changes (~p1, ~p2), running through MidiYoke...I don't understand what I have done differently with one channel from the other.

2.  Is it possible to adjust the volume of an instrument in a bank, say bass drums, when you do a program change from , say, vibes, from Sibelius so it will playback?  The bass needs to be much louder, but when I move the volume on kontakt 2 it makes the vibes way too loud.

Thanks in advance, and if there is anything in the forum about this I apologize.

David McKnight
Abilene High School

Pentium 4 3.4 ghz, 2 gigs RAM, Windows XP
Sib 4, Kontakt, MidiYoke, VDL2 1.5
Creative SB Audigy 2
I got the bass drum sound louder by double clicking and raising the volume on it, like you said, and it is perfect.�� Thank you.

Ok, here is how I got the bass drum sounds working, and this is strange:

I was frustrated so I was really just messing around, and I took the unison bass note head with the cursor and just ran it up and down the staff, and I heard the sounds all of a sudden.  Now it plays back correctly...


David McKnight
Abilene High School

A few things to check/answers for you...

1. Not sure about this one, maybe someone else will chime in with some ideas. Make sure you're using the 1.5 library release of VDL2. Also try loading different instruments instead of just the bassline instruments and double check to make sure you're using the Full/Lite staff types, not Auto R/L.

2. You can double click on the Bass Drum instrument in the instrument bank (or Vibes depending on which once you would prefer to adjust), then adjust the volume knob located on the [b]Amplifier[/b] console.

Hopefully someone will have more for you, or perhaps you'll stumble upon something that will have you shaking your head and thus hanging it in shame ;-) Good luck!
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