Best device for voice recording

I need some help, please.
I am going to begin doing some
interviews for an article I
am writing; I'd also like to
record our Alabama PAS
meetings as well other
meetings I'll be involved with
in the near future.

I have a Powerbook G4 laptop;
a PC at work; and am working on
getting a Mac Pro for work.  For
the time being, I need the
device to work with my laptop.

I do have the software Toast,
if that makes a difference in your
responses.  Also:  is there a
plug-in mic that would work
with my laptop?  I look
forward to your responses.


A quick follow-up.  I
have Wiretap Pro and
figured out how to use that
with the laptop to record my voice.
Maybe all I need is a proper

Thanks again,
I got the ";Snowball"; mic (white and round, you guessed it) by Blue from the Apple Store and it works great! Web articles say that it is designed for podcasting, but I used it last month to record Spring HS Symphonic band and it works fantastic. Wasn't that expensive either. USB powered, comes with a lightweight tabletop stand and has three different recording settings. I could blab more or you can just check it out on the Apple website:)

I'll second the snowball. Records percussion wonderfully! Has a switch to go between cardioid, cardioid with a 10db pad, and omnidirectional settings. I just recorded a marimba quartet with it in the middle, and it worked great. Would be great for meetings, as well.
Cool.  Thanks for the info on the snowball mic guys!
If it's voice you're after, the Olympus DS-2 is excellent.

If you're after audio in the field, the Roland R-09 is a good choice.
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