Kontakt and Sibelius not Communicating

Hello everyone.  I am sure that this is just a matter of me missing something very simple.  I went to run Sibelius/VDL2(through Kontakt 2) today after not running either for a couple of weeks.  Previously, everything had worked fine, but now, I'm not getting any sound through Sibelius.  The samples do play in Kontakt using the keyboard (the one in Kontakt, NOT the Midi keyboard).  When I go to the ";Playback/Input devices"; window in Sibelius and test sounds through Midi Yoke 1 I get nothing.  I also get nothing through the mixer in Sibelius.  From this, I am kind of figuring that Kontakt is not communicating with Sibelius.  Can anyone provide me with help on this.  What setting could have changed or what can I do to make things work again?  I have also tried running things with the Kontakt Player that comes with VDL 2 and had the same results.  My specs are as follows:

Dell Optiplex GX620
Pentium 4 3ghz
1gig of ram
Not sure on the sound card (sorry, it is a school computer:)
M-Audio Keystation Midi keyboard

I am sure that I am leaving out some vital piece of info, and for that I apologize in advance.  I have reviewed the setup tutorial and searched the forums to no avail. 

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

Clay Sloan
Hi Clay,

There are probably two things you should look into.

Since you're not getting sound from Kontakt at all (when you click highlighted notes on the on-screen keyboard with your mouse, right?), you may need to set your audio outputs again in Kontakt. To do this, start by going to the Setup menu, and selecting Audio/MIDI Setup. In the Soundcard tab, take note of your settings here (this is an important screen for you to become familiar with). The item listed in ";device"; would be your soundcard. It should also be the device that's listed for outputs 1 and 2 in your main stereo output channel. Get there by clicking the ";outputs"; button in Kontakt, the clicking the ";config"; button on the first slider.

Focus on that first. You need to get sound from Kontakt before you even start anything with Sibelius. It sounds like some audio settings have changed.

Once you have sound from Kontakt, the next thing you'll need to focus on is geting Sibelius and Kontakt linked up through your virtual midi cable (Midi Yoke or Maple Midi). It should be set at the output (or ";playback";) device in Sibelius, and it should be set as the ";Input"; for Kontakt 2. If you've forgotten how to do this, I would recommend walking through the steps of the VDL Quickstart guide, which you can download at: https://www.tapspace.com/support/

If you're still stuck, feel free to post back and include your soundcard specs (and all options available) that you find in the Soundcard tab of Kontakt.

Good luck!
Thanks for your reply Jim.  I will provide a few points of clarification, though I can't provide further system specs.  As I said, that is my school computer and I will be away from it until Thursday. 

Anyhow, to clarify, I CAN hear sounds when I click on the on-screen keyboard in Kontakt (both the full version, and in the VDL2 Player). 

I have also checked all of my midi yoke settings and they are as the quickstart guide says they should be. 

I know that you probably need more specs, but I just can't figure out what I am missing.  I know some setting has been changed, but I can't find it.  When I get back to my computer (possibly tomorrow), I will try to give more details.

Thanks again,
Clay Sloan
Oops. Sorry Clay - I misread your initial point about being able to hear sound through Kontakt. One less thing. That's good!

The main areas where mis-connections like this might be lingering are:

Sibelius Mixer:
Devices pulldown for each staff
Channel setting

Kontakt 2:
MIDI-In setting on each instrument
MIDI-Input on/off setting within the MIDI setup window.

Once you can get a closer look at it, and double-check those settings, let me know if I can assist further.
In one of those great mysteries of life.  I booted things up today as they were on Tuesday, and everything is working fine.  I'm sure something wasn't right before, but I promise I didn't change a thing.  Conspiricy theorists can begin to speculate now (second shooter, grassy knoll, all of that:)

Thanks for taking the time to deal with my problems.  Best of luck this season.

Clay Sloan
I am saying it was the magic bullet from the grassy knoll...
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