VDL:2/2.5 and Reason 3.0

I'm pretty new to the whole midi thing, but have found this site extremely helpful. However, I've been scouring the forum (as well as others) now for about a week and haven't been able to find anything on this subject.

I have Finale '06, Reason 3.0, and VDL:2. Is there a way to run all three programs to get the wind/percussion sounds that I want to get? If so, how?

Any assistance that I could get on this subject would really help me out. Thanks! 


What is your operating system? On the Mac side it should be possible to run all three using the IAC bus with VDL2 in stand alone mode. You will not be able to run VDL2 as a plug in, either vst or au, and Reason at the same time. May I ask, what do hope to use Reason for in your work?

Ted Boliske
Sorry Ted,

�� ��I have a PC, and it has been fast enough to run all three programs...just not at the same time.

�� ��I know that it's possible to run VDL:2 with the GPO sounds from Finale '06 but it crashes my computer. I guess what I was wondering is if it would be possible to run VDL:2 through to Reason, and then run Reason through to my Finale '06 program. That way I can use the percussion sounds from both along with the wind sounds from Reason. Basically I really need to hear better sounds coming from the Finale program. I know that VDL:1/Reason/Finale '03 work well together, I'm just wondering if the same applies to the newer models. If it does that would be [glow=red,2,300]SWEET[/glow]. Thanks for the quick response. -Jeff

Glad to be of some help. From what you've written it sounds like you want to have one of the Reason samplers playback the VDL2 sounds. Is this correct? It was, as you said, possible to do this with VDL1 and the NN-XT sampler device in Reason2.5. With VDL2 this is not really practical because the VDL library is formatted to playback through the Kontakt player as a plug-in. When running Reason and Finale together Reason is not acting as a plug-in but as a 'slave' of sorts to Finale.

As far as your computer crashing, I'm a Mac guy so this is just conjecture, it could be several things. Check to make sure you have the most current versions of your OS, Finale and VDL2, as much ram as possible, a fast processor, and hard drive space for working and storage. 

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Ted Boliske
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