OT - is there a good site for OT stuff?

I love all the great info and stuff I learn from the OT posts here, and it would be great to find a place with more... does anyone know of other good sites?

One of the greatest things about this site is the high level of expertise from people who post, avoiding all the ";LOL,OMG"; posts that you get elsewhere - so I'm hoping for a place with similar qualities.

I know there's a ton that I could learn about mic'ing, tuning, products, etc... but I don't want to post too much here and make ";the Tapspace Administrator"; put its virtual foot down :)

Thanks in advance...
Has the time come for an ";off topic"; board here? I know there's plenty of random tidbits of info we could all probably share from time to time, unrelated to VDL. Maybe that's something we can set up. Minus the LOL and ROFL vibe... Do you guys think this would be a useful thing to explore?
I am voting no.  I don't know how you feel Jim, but I wouldn't like to turn this place into a ";Hang out"; forum.  Once you do that you will have to get a few more mods and you run the risk of having to ban people and deleting posts.  Bill is a MOD on one of the hang out forums and most of his posts are dealing with people not contributing to the communitiy.

This forum has been great because it is easy access to a lot of technical issues.  Plus, the easy access to the programmer makes it a wonderful asset. I would hate for Jim or Murray to be on here answering what their favorite SCV show was or why you decided to tilt the drum!I visit a lot of forums with the OT forum.  Drumhard.com, drumlines.org are a couple.  I would like to keep this forum for Tapspace related activities only.  I myself am guilty of throwing out a few OT posts but am willing to keep them on another site if necessary.  I don't see it as much of a problem as Corey does, maybe I am programmed to look past them.

I'd say as long as it's in the ";General Discussion";, it's fine.  As long as it's slightly percussively oriented, no problem.

If it's in the technical, it needs to be technical.  If anything, a few of the threads in Tech should be tossed into general.  But basically, I don't think there's any need.  General is a good place for it.  Maybe some of those ";OT"; threads aren't OT.  Maybe rename it to the ";VDL Percussion Lounge";?  Then posters will be more likely to feel that as long as it's percussion related, there wouldn't need to be lots of OT's, myself included.
Reading the OT posts (and posting a few myself) has been very informative. As I think through the things I've seen here marked ";OT"; I can't remember any of them being way off topic -- at least as it relates to ";all things percussive.";

When you think about the caliber of people who frequent this board, it's pretty staggering. Some of our activitie's leading educators and designers frequent this board. So, when there's a post about mic'ing the front ensemble or tuning your battery for indoors, you're going to get some really high quality discussion. The kind of discussion you don't see too many other places.

Given that I've hit a steady groove with VDL and all of the peripherals/programs I use, I rarely have a reason to come to the forum. The OT stuff is interesting to read (who couldn't spend a minute or two being re-inspired by Carter Beauford?) and hearing the problems and concerns other users have ultimately helps my proficiency on the program. So, what I guess I'm saying is, maybe I don't 'need' to frequent the forum, but having a place where like-minded percussionists interact with each other is pretty hard to resist.

A separate lounge, perhaps? Nothing out of the realm of drumming?

I wouldn't mind seeing a separate section for users to submit their compositions using VDL:2 (audio) . . . at least excerpts, for those who wouldn't want to post an entire original piece.

Not only would I submit some of my own stuff (like that double beat thing I posted recently) . . . but I'd really like to hear examples of other peoples' work, as well.

It seems to me that it would be great advertising for the product . . . and at the same time, we could hear how other people are using VDL:2 . . . and share ideas, etc.

Just my two cents . . .

Mark M.
";Percussion Lounge"; sounds like a great idea! I check this site everyday (even during class) to see what people put up, and the OT junk is always entertaining.

Looks like your site has taken on a life of its own, Jim!!
Ralph, Ralph, Ralph - checking around here [i]DURING CLASS[/i]?!?!?!?!
Hey, I can only yell for so long:)
I was pleasantly surprised after checking out the other drum forums (drumlines.org and drumhard.com) - the content is good and people are well behaved. I guess I'm used to the technology forums like slashdot where people can get much more annoying.

So I'm not sure what to say :). Between those other sites and the occasional OT posts here, I'm pretty happy with things. If Tapspace wants to set up new sections for other stuff I would certainly use them, but I don't want to keep the guys from doing their other work.
[quote author=Lydian9 link=topic=1738.msg8389#msg8389 date=1179284332]
Hey, I can only yell for so long:)

I vote yes... With the quality of people on these forums and those that are less experienced still being considerate... it couldn't go wrong. Just my 2 bucks, Peace...
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