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To anyone; how do you or what settings are you using on your parts to make them look so good in Sibelius?  I got to check out some book from this years Cavaliers from a friend who is marching this summer and I can't get my parts to look like that.  I can't find the specific type of page resizing (only shows the literal type of paper letter, legal etc) I'm looking for in the reference manual.  Basically how do I resize the page so that a simple warmup is not 3 pages long?  I just switched from finale to sibelius literally 2 weeks ago and am very happy with the input and ease of use with this exception and the one below.  I also at the same time switched from a PC environment to a Macbook Pro and couldn't be happier.

My other issue is with simply deleting bars in Sibelius.  I at one point had about 40 extra bars in a simple battery score (Snares, Tenors, Bass Drums) so I selected them and hit delete and all the Bass and Tenor bars were deleted but for some reason about 20some odd snare bars remained.  I tried to delete them individually, i've tried to mass select them but they refuse to be deleted.  Any words of wisdom?


Macbook Pro
OSX 10.4
2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
Sibelius 4

Did you check in the Sib manual under ";Deleting Bars";?  That will explain how to get rid of the bars for you.

dk and a avatar of a Regiment BD.  D Klein by any chance?

Hope this helps.
Document setup.  It is your friend.
[quote author=Dave Ratliff link=topic=1740.msg8365#msg8365 date=1179167791]

dk and a avatar of a Regiment BD. D Klein by any chance?


Hey Ratliff, that is actually a  picture of me from summer of 98... the summer you teched with Q, Pony, and Mason.�� This is David Killinger!  Howzit goin?

I did check under ";Deleting bars"; and it tells me to select the bar and press delete or use the selection tool for multiple bars and press delete.�� Both of which I did and to no avail.

Thanks Drumcat, I will check out the Document Setup as soon as I can!


As for the bars, try triple-clicking a bar to select the whole bar across the score.  Then delete-key the booger.  You must select the entire score to delete the bar, or it'll just set the highlighted bar to measure-rest.
Hey Dave & Dave,

Another summer 98 PR guy here:

A couple of things I do on Sibelius to get a cleaner look are:

1. Under document set-up (Ctrl-D), you can resize the staves. It's located right under where you can select a Landscape page layout. Toying around this number can yield some good results.

2. You can also try under the Layout menu, the Auto-Layout command. At the upper right you'll see ";Use auto-system breaks"; and then some different ways you can make that happen. PS - I really like system breaks about every 6 bars. You might try it, then deviate from there.

3. Shift-Alt-M -- Makes selected measures into a system. Select a number of measures that you want to see in a system, then do S-A-M. You have to play around with it a bit, but I find that starting with system breaks every 6 bars or so, then altering some stuff manually gets the page pretty much looking the way I want.

At least that's how I do it in my home studio on my projects - you might hate it. But maybe the ";functions"; will help you figure out what you like.

Good Luck!
Ctrl+D is a huge help to resize staves, just look under staff size in the document setup window.
Ctrl+Shift+E is your friend as well, the engraving rules allow you to setup just that, rules of how you're page is designed.

The two biggest things for staff layout I've found are the document setup and engraving rules especially under the staves catergory.  There you can mess around with the justification as well to get rid of that pesky page jumping that can be bothersome on a manual resize.

Also the constant minor adjustments with the reset note spacing is amazingly helpful when using things like bass drum unison notation and such. (ctrl+shift+n)

Hope these help out some!  Take it easy
Unless I am mistaken [b]Ctrl + Left Click[/b] is the way to select an entire bar in a score. Then you call hold down [b]ctrl + shift and use the arrow keys[/b] to select however many bars you need to in any direction.

Hope this helps.
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