Getting VDL:2 to work with Finale 07

Just purchased Finale 2007 and VDL:2, having trouble with the template from the Tapspace website. After I download the template, open it in finale, go to midi and select PLAY FINALE THROUGH NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, go to NATIVE INSTRUMENT VST SETUP, I select channels 1-16 but the only option it gives me is the kontakt player 2. It should read VDL:2 for an option. I have downloaded the software properly, but I am stuck at this point. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Check the VDL manual to verify that the vst plug-in for VDL was installed correctly. Also check to verify that you can open VDL in stand alone mode and that you have the most current version. There was a library update since the initial release.

Ted Boliske
Go to C:\Program Files\Finale 2007\FinaleVST and make sure that the Virtual Drumline 2 dll file is in that folder.  This would be something that you would need to move there from the Tapspace Folder.
Thanks for the input Scott. I was not certain where it should go or if it was installed/copied automatically.

Ted Boliske
Thank you for the help so far, however still unable to open VDL:2 in Finale.  under program files/finale2007/finale vst the VDL files are VST plugins and Virtual Drumline 2 Library.  It does not show the dll file. 
The only files that should be in the FINALEVST folder that is in your Finale 2007 folder are something like:

1.) Garritan Ambience.dll
2.) Kontakt Player 2.dll
3.) gpo2instrument.txt
4.) Virtual Drumline 2.dll

** I forgot the exact name of the VDL dll file as I am here at work and I do not have it on here at the moment.�� But it will be obvious.�� If you have the folders VST PLUGINS and Virtual Drumline LIbrary in this folder then this may be causing the problem.  There needs to be a VDL dll file there.  it my be in the VST Plugins folder.
I am using VDL with Finale 2007c on two separate computers. My Finale VST Folder looks like this on both PC's:

Garritan Ambience.dll
gpofullinstrument.txt            (File added to allow full GPO functionality in Finale)
KontaktPlayer2.dll                (File Version
PersonalOrchestraVST.dll    (File Version
VirtualDrumline2VST.dll        (File Version

The important thing to remember is to close Finale when you copy and paste (note the copy & paste) the dll file from the Virtual Drumline VST Plugins folders, into the Finale 2007 VST folder. As mentioned by Coach, you should not have any other files or folders in the Finale 2007 VST folder. If somehow the VDL library and other files got placed in there. I would delete them and do a clean installation again.

FYI - the VirtualDrumline2VST.dll file can be located at the following location:

Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2\VST Plugins\VirtualDrumline2VST.dll

When Finale boots up, it should recognize the VirtualDrumline2VST.dll file and you should be able to select it.
Thank you all for the help.  I did get it to work.  This is new to me and I am still figuring out the program, but the sounds are incredible.  Thanks again.

-Jon B
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