Audacity updated

Beta 1.33 has been posted...

Opening/saving formats:
  * Import of audio from QuickTime (mov, aac, m4a) files is now 
    supported on OSX
  * Metadata may be added to OGG files
  * Improved export option selection
  * Importing of Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) wave files now tolerated
  * Additional export options added to MP3 and FLAC file formats
  * Command line exporter now supported on Windows and OSX

  * EQ effect responsiveness improved
  * Several enhancements to the EQ Effect
  * Batch support added for the EQ effect
  * New Auto Duck effect
  * Added previewing to AudioUnit effects
  * Much improved Noise Removal effect
  * Effects previewing may now be canceled
  * New DTMF Tone Generator effect
  * Additional options available in Noise effect
  * Improved the Tone Generation effects

Other features:
  * New built-in screen capture utility
  * Major speed improvement in Spectrogram rendering
  * Increased support for drag and drop on OSX
  * Support added for building against wxWidgets 2.8
  * Support opening multiple Audacity Projects at once from Explorer on 
  * Improved main window sliders
  * New support for snapping while selecting and sliding
  * Improved track focus handling and visual feedback
  * Speed improvements and handling of resizing/zooming in tracks
  * Spectrum view may now be zoomed
  * New internal file cache to improve handling of project files over 

  * Many improvements to language specific translations
  * Numerous stability improvements

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Link to download site:


These are some great update features!  I'm excited to test 'em out.  Thanks for lettin' us know Drumcat.

- OT
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