Cheese with Finale.

Ok, I'm using VDL2, and I am really liking it. (Too bad I don't have a MIDI keyboard yet..)

Anyway, I'm trying to get cheeses to play back correctly in Finale. I can get the single cheeses to be presentable, but it's the flam fives I'm having trouble with.

Finale want play back a diddle with a grace note, It will just play it as a flam. (I usually have my EDU's set from 32-64.)

So to fix that, I just put a grace note next to two thirty second notes. And it plays back as a cheese. But when I try to do flam just sounds messy and horrible. I can provide any more information if needed, but I would like some help on this issue.

Any help is appreciated in advance, thanks.
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I would try setting your EDUs for flam playback to about 16.  If you are using HUMAN PLAYBACK I would also just use the TG TOOLS ";SMART PLAYBACK"; instead.  This is in the PlugIns Menu -->TG TOOLS -->SMART PLAYBACK.  I wo uld just turn HP off and use that instead if you are dealing with just the Battery stuff.
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