Vibe and Chime sustain pedal playback problem.

Here's the problem:
At the end of my first movement, after a 16th descending chromatic run down the vibes, and the pedal markings put in correctly to stop the sound after the final 1/4 note, it will keep on ringing like I've left the pedal down. It only does this when all of the other voices are playing. When I just have the vibes playback alone it works corrrectly. The chimes, although they are not running down 16th notes, have the exact same problem. I have all VDL 2 sounds loaded into Kontakt 2. I am not using DFD since I have 4 gigs of ram. The engine on the K2 window registers as having 1.23 Gigs loaded. Surely this isn't a ram problem? I have the marimbas, vibes and xylophones set into banks under I multi-percussion channel. I discovered that this isn't a great idea. If I try and set a mod-wheel command for say the sustain of the vibes it also triggers the roll setting for the xlyo. and timp. in the banks. This channel is shared by 6 staves. Any way around this short of not puttting them into banks?
Hmm - it sounds like there are a few topics of discussion here.

1) First, if you're using actual notation pedal markings to control your vibe/chime dampening, be sure you're using the ";Sustain Pedal Control"; versions of those VDL instruments, which you'll find within a separate folder of the instruments respective folders. This will ensure that CC 64 (sustain pedal) messages will function as you're expecting in this type of use.

2) All your instruments are loaded in one bank on one channel? Maybe I'm not reading this correctly, but regardless, be sure each staff is playing out through its own midi channel (i.e. vibes on channel 1, chimes on channel 2, timpani on channel 3, etc). You can still use banks in Kontakt 2 this way. There would just be a separate bank for each channel (you'd have multiple banks in your Kontakt rack), each with it's own channel as well (corresponding to the staff it's receiving from). Using banks is a great way to have [b]one player[/b] switch from, say, vibes to triangle. However you shouldn't have multiple players (i.e. staves/channels) trying to share the same bank. That will lead to chaos. :)

It's possible that I'm missing something from your post. If so, please clarify.  Hope this helps!
My front ensemble portion of the staff is set up per player. I have on midi channel 4 the following banks: Mar. Syn. Hard, Mar. syn. Med, Mar Syn. Soft, Vibes (PED) - Soft through Hard, Glock, Crotales, Chimes (PED), Xylo, Crash Cym., Metal Combo, Rack Combo A, A K2 Synth. House Bass. What you have eluded to being the problem is that I use the same channel for Sarah's, Jennifer's, Cortney's, Corey's, and Caroline's staves as well. So I'll need to create seperate channels for these other staves with the same bank set-up if necessary. This makes sense. Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a shot. By the way, this Power Mac Pro sure runs these programs 10 x's better than my Dell. For all of you out there on PC I'm sorry that you have to live that way.....I was there for 8 years and I don't want to go back.
Okay, so the seperate channels per staff fixed the problem.  No more need for replies.
Thanks Jim.
Glad to hear things are working for you, and happy to help. Have fun!
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