I'm Tyler.  I am a newbie to VDL 2.  I have finale 2006 and I can run vdl 2 successfully but I have a problem. I would like to have different sounds from, say, the snare, and i want all the notes on one line. I can't figure out how to write my drumline scores on the lines or spaces I want on a particular staff and have the desired sound i want.  This is also a problem from the tenors on the vdl 2 finale 06 template.  I appologize for the strange question but the manual hasn't been to much help in this area. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks in advance!

It's a little tedious, but you'll have to go into your staff tool on each one and edit the maps for each instrument.  You'll find that the noteheads and staff positions will have to be changed on some.  Once you do that, go on and save it is a template so you dont have to do it again.  :)
Right. Check your Finale documentation under ";percussion map"; and ";notation style."; That should lead you to more answers.
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