Musical Ear Training program

I don't know if anyone is familiar with a theory and ear training program called Teoria or not. I had purchased it a few years ago for an older computer and just recently found my install disc so I installed it on my laptop to retrain my ears since it has been a while since I've used it.

If anyone is looking for any good programs to use to test yourself on intervals (melodic and harmonic), scales (modes, whole tones, pentatonic, etc), and chords, this is a pretty comprehensive program that you can easily use at your own pace. This program would be really good for students to use. It is a midi program that plays back the notes for you to identify so the best part of it that Virtual Drumline 2 can be used to create the playback sounds for your tests. I know using a real marimba or vibraphone sound makes a world of difference over the generic midi piano sound.

If anyone is interested and wants to check it out, go to and go to the Ear and Theory tab. It is a really affordable program to use and should help make everyone a better musician.
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