External USB Keypad Laptop???

I found another thread that was 2 years old in the VDL1 forum so I thought I'd post here as well:

I purchased a Kensington USB Keypad myself and had problems.  And now I see why I am having problems after reading and checking the links to the other post.

So does anyone have any opinions on a better keypad for MAC users like myself? 

Jim, what do you use if anything?

Here is a link from the Sibelius site on recommended external numerical pads.  I believe the kensington pad mimics the keys across the top of the keyboard rather then the side.  The Targus one works for me, it isn't on the list but I have been using it for years without problems.


Yes - definitely look for the listing of recommended keypads from Sibelius. Not using a compatible one will drive you batty.

This may be excessive, but I've actually switched to using a wireless full keyboard when doing work from the laptop.

Maybe not ideal for tight quarters, but from a ";feel"; standpoint, I prefer this over the external usb keypad kicking around.
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