Adding Cymbals into existing score


I've got a piece already written out in VDL:2/Sibelius 4.1 for snare, tenors, and basses, but I need to add cymbal parts to the score. Is there a way to add an instrument that has all the VDL key map entered?

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Assuming you started this score from the VDL2/Sibelius template, all you'd have to do is add a staff (Create>Instrument). Just create a generic treble clef staff.

1 - name this new staff on the first page, and add abbreviated name on the next page.
2 - Change to percussion clef if you prefer (click first bar and hit keyboard shortcut ";Q";)
3 - Change to a VDL2 CymbalLine Staff type. To do this. Click the first bar, then go to: Create>Other>Staff Type Change>Percussion>VDL2 {staff type choice}.

4. Set ";device"; and ";channel"; settings for this new staff using the Sibelus mixer.

After doing the above steps and loading your cymbal instrument into VDL player, you should be ready to start writing your cymbal parts into the score.
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