multiple instances?

silly question here and I did search all forums for this and I might not have phrased it correctly but...

I am new to MAC and don't know how to open multiple instances of VDL2.  From my windows days I simply would double click on the executable, but on a MAC i've tried double clicking, shift click, right click, option click etc... and to no avail.  It would simply maximize the current instance of VDL2.

Please help, and please excuse my MAC ignorance.


Go into the Virtual rumline Folder and Duplicate the icon by typing APPLE-D.  This will create another instance that you can double click to open.
Thanks Coach (thats funny to me) I'll give it a try!

No Problem.�� Let me know if this doesn't work for you.  I do not use Sibelius so I am not sure if I could help you with the setup any longer as I have not used that in a long time, but that should be the way to get multiple instances of the VDL player.
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