Edge to Center (Finale)

I was almost positive there was a topic on this, and I searched thoroughly and never found my answer.

I hate to sound this way, but is there an [b]easy[/b] way to go from edge to center without adding a controller change to every single note?

For instance, if you put a pp marking at the beginning of a crescendo and a F at the end, then it plays back correctly. But how would I get my controller change to morph from 127 to 50? I would really like to know, because I know there just has to be a way.

Thanks in advance.
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First off, check out this tutorial..


Following this with some modifications will work.

Under the ";Midi Tool"; header, select ";Scale"; instead of ";Set To";

Fill in the boxes ";From"; x (maybe 127)�� ";To"; x (maybe 1), then tweak the ";Increments"; box to give you the slope you are looking for.
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