8 Instument Slots?

Is there any way to have more than 8 instrument slots for my Sibelius score, without purchasing Kontakt? All I am using right now is VDL2, and Sibelius 4. Thanks for your help.
I didn't realize that we were able to use more than 8 slots.  And, I have kontack gold, as well as sibelius 4.

If it is possible to do this, please elaborate.

There are a lot of threads on this already.  Search for ";multiple Instances";.  If you only have VDL2 and Sibelius, the only way to have more than 8 Instruments, is to run Multiple Instances of VDL2.  You also need to have a computer that is capable of handling both instances. 
The upcoming version of VDL 2.5 will allow 64 channels in stand-alone mode. Not quite available yet, so if you need this immediately, do a search for multiple instances or check the FAQ pages. Otherwise, stay tuned for the 2.5 upgrade, and there will be much new functionality and flexibility.
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