Puffy/Stick sounds in Tenors

Hello All,

I referenced a post about effectively applying the keyswith for quads.  Bill mentioned to apply a grace note with the key switch.  I chose to do it during a rest before and hide the rest. 

Is it possible to have two different stick sounds playback simultaneously?  The way I tried to do this was to have my right hand (on tenors) with the stick/mallet sound in voice 1.  I tried to use the 2 voice/layer (in Sibelius) and do the puffy sound on drum 4.  The measure before I wanted to tenors to come in I used the rest in the second voice, applied the keyswitch, and hid the rests.  The sounds are either or, all stick or all puffy.  Is there a better way to do this, or is this even possible for playback?  Thanks

This may be a little tricky to do, but the way I'd approach it is by creating an ossia staff above the current tenor staff, then load a second tenorline instrument in VDL assigned to its own channel (which corresponds to the new ossia staff). It won't look as nice as writing the part out on one staff, but would allow you to play both keyswitches simultaneously. Otherwise, you're probably looking at one or the other unless we can perhaps map a stick/puff instrument down the road for such occasions.
There's also the option of putting a ton of program text under all the notes if you need a clean sheet.  It's a pain, but you can do a few things, theoretically.  You'll have to make the call on what's the least work vs. best product:

First, like Jim said, ossia and multiple channels.

Or, you can load two instruments in their own channel, and go under each note doing a channel change.  Look up ~ in sibelius.  Lots of hidden text, but that can be done.

Or, you can do lots of hidden notes.  I think I'd do it this way...  Copy your Voice 1 notes into Voice 3, and hide them all.  Then filter them all to the keyswitch notes -- you'll then have the identical rhythm, but all at C0.  Then adjust those notes to D0 as required.  It will require tinkering to ensure that they switch either before or after, etc...

Finally, there's the possibility of adjusting the keymap, but consider that a nuclear option -- one slip and you're toast.

Also, to add to what Mat and Jim said...

1) You can do the ossia staff thing, with the sticks on the ossia and puffs on the main (or vice versa)...
2) Then on the main tenor staff write your stick part in voice 1 and the puffs in voice 2...
3) Select voice 2 (highlight those bars then ctrl + shift + alt + 2 or cmd + shift + alt + 2).
4) Then in the properties menu, uncheck play on pass for those notes
5) Once you're done writing into the ossia staff, Select All (ctrl + A), ctrl + click the ossia staff, then do a ";Focus On Staves"; (ctrl + alt + F) so the ossia staff will be hidden.

This should sound and look good once you're done with it :)
Wow, a lot of info there, Thanks a ton.  I'll check it out.
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