Vibes/Crotales playback in VDL 2

I'm assuming based off of my last post and responses about puff/stick in quad playback that if I have a player on vibes w/ crotales mounted, to hear the simultaneous playback I would need to create an ossia staff correct?  Thanks
Correct you are.  Unless they've figured out a way to do it, there is no way for one staff to share to banks at the same time.
Puff/Stick in quads is a different scenario than vibes/crotales. Vibes and crotales are two separate instruments in VDL. When you say ";simultaneous playback"; do you mean exactly that? That you want all vibe parts also played by crotales? If so, you can set both instruments (in VDL) to the same channel. Then anything coming from your notation program on that track will trigger both instruments.

If you want to do program changes (i.e., vibe player switches to crotales), that's a different topic that would involve using instrument banks. Is that what you meant?
My vibe player has a program bank of Vibes, Crotales, Crash Cymbals, Bass and Tam Tam.

I was looking for a way that player could play vibe line on vibes and crotales simultaneously.  I haven't created the ossia staff for playback since this job is due to be in the mail tomorrow.  I just typed a ";small text"; message into the part.  I was just curious if the ossia staff would be the best way to hear the playback for this instance?  Thanks 
Yes, ossia would probably be the way to go. Keep in mind, your vibe bank is on its own channel, and the ossia staff for crotales would likely need to be set to a separate channel so the two voices don't double-trigger each other.
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