2 Soundcards?

Is it possible to have two soundcards being used in your pc?
I'm considering a Soundblaster Live and M-Audio 2496.
cool.  Thanks man!
Occasionally some pro audio soundcards do not work very well with certain consumer programs.  I have had trouble with Digidesign interfaces in the past with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Also, portability comes in to play if you have a notebook and don't wanna drag around a firewire/usb interface at all times if you need the extra audio inputs/outputs and high quality card.
As a MAC person, I am curious about this...why would you need 2 different sound cards?
Awesome thanks guys.
For sure.  Depending your system, you can add a second internal card, or go with an external audio interface that connects via USB or Firewire.
Absolutely.  Many of us do that.  The only thing that you'll have concern over is that you set your software to use the appropriate device.  It's not a chore at all.
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